The seminar shall focus on:

  1. Global Scenario in Horticulture
  2. Genetic Improvement
  3. Production Management
  4. Post harvest management and Nutraceuticals
  5. Biotic and Abiotic Stress Management
  6. Technology Assessment

Panel Discussion

The Panel discussions shall deliberate on topical issues involving experts, panellists and interested stakeholders in the back drop of base-paper prepared as follows:

  • Conservation technologies-in situ, ex-situ, on-farm, complimentary approaches
  • Production of quality planting material

Technical Sessions

Mainstreaming of Underutilized and Exotic Horticultural crops

The following technical sessions are envisaged to cover the national and international issues:

  • Global Scenario in Horticulture: Production and Consumption, Trade, Marketing and Policy Issues, Nutrition and Health.
  • Genetic Improvement: Plant Genetic Resources management– In situ and Ex situ, Breeding- Conventional and New Initiatives, Omics.
  • Production Management: Cropping systems, Resource Conservation Use Efficiency, Rootstocks and, Climate Resilience
  • Novel Products, Value-Addition and trade: Post Harvest management, Processing and product development, nutraceuticals and bio-fortification, domestic marketing and trade.
  • Biotic Stress Management: Diagnostics and Epidemiology, Safe Approaches to Pest Management-Invasive and new pests and pathogens
  • Technology Assessment: Technology Assessment, Refinement and Dissemination, Socio-economic and Gender issues.

Programme Outline

Six Technical Sessions with keynote addresses and oral presentations by distinguished scientists

  • Plenary Sessions
  • Daily Poster Presentation on each Theme/Sub-themes
  • Exhibitions & Side Event
  • Pre- & Post- Seminar Tours

English will be the Official Language of the Seminar.